Table of Contents

This is a book-length work of creative non-fiction about traveling in Nepal, which I am publishing here as a serial. I’m currently seeking a publisher to print it or an agent to represent it. If that’s you, please e-mail me at Otherwise, just enjoy the story!

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Hong Kong Skyline

1. A Hotel Room in Hong Kong
2. HKG
3. Hong Kong to Delhi
4. Delhi
5. Lost Ticket
6. Domino’s Pizza
7. Delhi to Kathmandu


Peaceful Photos of Kathmandu, Nepal

8. Tribhuvan
9. Kathmandu at Night
10. The Annapurna Guesthouse
11. Fixations
12. The Drug Dealers of Thamel
13. Earthquake Aftermath
14. Money
15. Yanti
16. Himalayan Java
17. Shopping in Thamel
18. Ceilings
19. Thamel House
20. Alone in Kathmandu
21. The Alleys of Kathmandu
22. Kathmandu Durbar Square
23. A Close Shave
24. A Friendly Face
25. Smoking With Sujan
26. Smoking Alone
27. Last Day in Kathmandu
28. Departing Kathmandu
29. Bus From Kathmandu to Pokhara


Photos of Thamel, the tourist neighborhood in Kathmandu

Photos of Kathmandu Durbar Square, largely destroyed after the earthquake


Pokhara Nepal Lakeside Photos

30. Hotel Snow Leopard
31. The Power of Places
32. Lakeside Abandoned
33. Why Am I Here?
34. Lakeside, Pokhara
35. The Man With No Shoes
36. Harassed at the Lake
37. Bad Apples
38. Chess in the Cafe
39. Hash
40. Traveling Is Like…
41. American Politics
42. Hallelujah
43. Sunrise
44. Looking Down
45. Howl
46. Looking Back
47. Feelin’ Beat
48. Paragliders Over Sarankot
49. Wiping My Ass With a 5-Star Hotel
50. The Pieces Fall Into Place
51. Why Do You Want to Move to Austria?
52. Something to Do With Your Hands
53. The Drunk Welshman
54. Anxiety Takes Hold
55. Arranging a Trek
56. Packing for Trekking
57. Nasi Goreng
58. Leaving Pokhara
59. An Awkward Taxi Ride
60. Towards Annapurna


Photos of Pokhara



61. First Steps
62. A Journey Back in Time
63. Slowly, Slowly
64. The Stairs to Ulleri
65. Teahouse Trekking
66. My Second Great Shit Story
67. The Morning After
68. On the Road to Ghorepani
69. Ghorepani
70. Sol
71. Three Hundred Dollars
72. The Cyclist
73. My Travel Crush
74. The Regular Citizen
75. Ghorepani Goodbyes
76. Tranquility on the Trail
77. Brooding
78. Sulking in Suile
79. The Most Beautiful Moment of My Life


Poon Hill Trek Photos