About the Ads

You may have noticed some somewhat obnoxious ADVERTISING around the site here.

Unfortunately, living an interesting life doesn’t always pay the bills, so I’m trying to earn a little income from this website. Since I spend a fair amount of time and effort on my writing, I figure this is fair. That said: I know online advertising sucks, often slows down pages, and can set annoying cookies on your computer. I’m serving my ads via WordPress’ WordAds program, which means I have little control over what types of ads appear on my site. So if you want to use an adblocker, go ahead. I understand.

I apologize I have to be complicit in that whole mess.

Other Ways to Support

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Otherwise, the best way to show support is to just keep reading and share my content with your friends! Whether that’s in-person or over social media, as long as you get talking, I’m into it.

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