Nepal 91: Bullshit

I found Linjon, Saffron, and the diplomat’s daughter in the common room, as well as Anker, Ankit, and Linjon’s guide. Our lodge was a small place, so everyone seemed to be socializing. They all greeted me enthusiastically as I came in the room, and waved me over to sit with them.

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Nepal 90: Deurali

We rolled into Deurali late in the afternoon, just as a moody fog was settling into the Annapurna valley. We had finally reached the elevation at which trees stopped growing, which gave the landscape an ethereal, stony feel. With no vegetation besides small shrubs and bushes, the towering rock formations around us took on a new, more formidable dimension.

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How To Travel the World Indefinitely With an Ultralight, 18-Liter Backpack

Hola Ustedes! Como estan?

I’ve been in Colombia for the past five weeks, primarily practicando mi español (still bad, but getting better). I’ve been living, working, and traveling with only an 18-liter CamelBak Cloud Walker pack. My father gave it to me four years ago, for my 20th birthday. It’s been on countless trails, climbs, and adventures with me. Now, it’s taken me all across Colombia.

Everyone I meet has been amazed at the size of this bag.

Since I get asked about my pack so often, I’ve written a detailed breakdown of exactly what’s inside it, as well as my reasoning. I’ve also included a downloadable packing list for your own use.

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