The Melting Pot of Tangier

My sister and I have been planning a trip together for years.

It has always been a trip through Africa. She loves Africa — has lived there for three years, and studied there for half of one.

When I tell her that Africa is too large to call by one name, she reminds me that she knows more of the continent than I do. And, she adds — the immensity is reason enough to keep returning.

After four years of this back-and-forth, one or the other of us backing out, we are here. We landed on the Northern tip of the continent — Tangier, Morocco.

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Los gatos de Chefchaouen (Español)

(English version here)

Hola amigos, Voy a empezar escribiendo algunos posts en español por mejorar mi abilitad con la idioma. Español no es mi idioma primera, y probalamente los articulos no estaran con gramatica perfecta 😛 Pero, ojala la practica esté bueno para mi. Disfruta!

(I’m going to start writing the occasional post in Spanish. My Spanish isn’t great but I figure the practice will be helpful! Feel free to skip right over them if you don’t speak Spanish, and ridicule my grammar in the comments if you do).

La ciudad del Chefchaouen en el norte de Marruecos es famosa por los paredes azules. Pero, la ciudad tiene un calidad oculto — lo contiene muchos gatos. Ve los fotos abajo.

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Ten Handy Travel Items Under $10

Looking for a little something to help you on your next adventure? Need a considerate but cheap gift for someone who likes travel ? Just want to take a small step towards fulfilling those travel dreams of yours, one day soon?

Check out this list of ten super useful items for international travel! After two years on the road, these are the items I find myself missing when I forget to pack them; they’re so useful that I usually end up buying them again on the road. These would all make great budget-friendly gifts for a traveler.

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Traveling with a Bleeding Heart

And she said losing love 
Is like a window in your heart 
Everybody sees you’re blown apart 

Paul Simon, “Graceland”

I had a woman in Medellin. Or maybe she had me.

That’s ok. That’s how things go when you’re on the road. Backpacker hostels: young, vibrant, full of energy and alcohol and interesting new people. It’s almost bound to happen — if you’re the type of person to go in for that sort of stuff. Or even if you’re not.

After all, you can be anyone on the road.

Except if you’re actively publishing a memoir of emotional devastation.

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