20 Lessons I’ve Learned From Visiting 20 Countries (Part 2)


Continuation of last week’s post! Here are 10 more lessons I’ve learned from traveling to 20 countries!

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Nepal 69: Ghorepani


Ghorepani was more of a true village than Ulleri had been. There was a general store, which sold touristy things like postcards alongside more useful necessities, like food and hygiene products. There was more than one main path through the village, and buildings which had no clear purpose. The settlement sprawled out for a fair distance on the hillside.

We walked straight through to our guesthouse, the Hotel Snowland. Hotel Snowland was perched pretty high on the hill, affording a great view of some of the far-off peaks. Another benefit of traveling with a guide—they knew which teahouses had the bets views. If I’d been trekking independently, I undoubtedly would have chosen to stay in one of the lodges in town, which had no view of the peaks.

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Nepal 68: On the Road to Ghorepani


Anker promised us a leisurely day of trekking—a welcome respite after the never-ending stairs on day 1.

Several other trekking parties set off ahead of us; we lingered and enjoyed the  early morning sun for a while. If we left too early, we would have nothing to do in the afternoon, Anker said.

I was able to get some service on my NCell SIM card outside the lodge, so I exchanged a few messages with Holly. She asked what it was like, and how far we’d walked. I told her considerably less than I’ve told you.

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