The Best Restaurant in Budapest

I’ve been gone from Budapest now for five months, and I still find myself dreaming about this restaurant.



I bet you were expecting something fancier, huh?

Saying Pizza King is the best restaurant in Hungary is like saying Taco Bell’s the best restaurant in America.

So… what I mean to say is, it’s absolutely true.


Lukewarm late-night pizza? What could be better?!

Pizza King is a cheap, fast pizza chain that seems to exist on every second block in Budapest. A slice costs 200 forint (80 cents). I ate here an innumerable amount of times while I was visiting Budapest. Not because Hungarian food is bad, but because Pizza King is sooo good.

It’s also amazingly simple to order—language barrier is never an issue. They’ll keep 3-4 pizzas under heat light at any given time, so you walk in, see what they have, and point to the slices you want. The employee takes the pizza, throws it on the conveyor oven, and then you pay for it down at the end. This is also really easy, because you can just pay with 200 forint coins (ubiquitous in Budapest), and not have to worry about change.

Oh, and did I mention: most Pizza King Express restaurants are open 24 hours?


In a party city like Budapest, that’s amazing. My friend Shawn and I had so many late-night Pizza King runs, after drinking cheap Staropramen at one of Budapest’s ruin pubs all evening.

Really, the only thing that could make Pizza King better is if they served beer themselves. But if that were the case, I probably never would have gone anywhere else in the city! (And I wouldn’t have these wonderful photos to share with you).

(Pizza King didn’t pay me for this post, I just really like pizza).


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