Street Tacos in Tijuana


4 a.m., Tijuana, Mexico.

Just across the border from San Diego.

Outside of a strip club.

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Nepal 57: Nasi Goreng

[no, that’s not a picture of Nasi Goreng… it’s some of the fancy organic food one can get in Bali… didn’t have a picture of Nasi Goreng because tbh it’s just not that photogenic… just fried rice… quite tasty tho.]

With my bag packed and the rest of my luggage (somewhat) safely stored at the Hotel Snow Leopard, I was just about ready to leave Pokhara.

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Taipei: A City of Food

Taipei is often called “The food capital of East Asia,” and boy does it live up to that name. We spent a month in this city– and spent most of our time eating!

The food in Taipei is endlessly diverse: ranging from the ubiquitous street stalls to the world-class bakeries to Michelin-starred restaurants, the city offers something for all palates. Think of it this way: late at night in the U.S., people wander the streets looking to drink; in Taipei, people wander the streets looking for something to eat.

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