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Hey friends, you may have noticed the blog has been a little light on content lately. That’s because I’ve been having a flirty summer romance with a different blogging platform.

That other platform is Medium.

Medium is an effort to create an ad-free space where writers and creators and showcase their work WITHOUT having to resort to problematic business models like sponsored content and display ads.

It hasn’t all been roses for Medium, which seems to undergo a major pivot about once a year. Nonetheless, the platform still exists and has a pretty nice distribution infrastructure in place — quality writing does, generally, end up in front of more eyes on Medium than it would elsewhere.

Medium also pays writers — I make significantly more there than I do here.

So I’ve been writing there, seeing what it can do for me. If you check out my Medium profile, you’ll see some new stuff alongside some older pieces that should be familiar to readers of this blog. I’ve always been a better writer than I am a marketer; and Medium seems to do a pretty good job marketing me. For instance, yesterday my article was featured on the front page of their travel section:

You can find that story here:

So if you’re a Medium user, please give me a follow at! It’s important to note that This Is Youth isn’t over – most content will probably be posted to both platforms – but my experiment with Medium has been going good so far, and looks like it will continue. So I’d love your support over there, as well.

As always, thanks for being loyal readers, and hope you’re enjoying your summers. I certainly have been.


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