The joys of being read

So I’ve been sharing some deep and raw moments on here, lately. (And don’t worry, the next chapter in ‘Keeping it Light‘ is still coming on Wednesday!)

But something unexpected happened on Saturday that was a pleasant moment, and I thought I’d share it with you all as well. Show the other side of the balance.

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Pausing Ads

Hey y’all;

just letting you know I’m pausing the advertising on the site for the moment. It’s not generating a ton of revenue, and I’m not satisfied with all the additional scripts and tracking it runs. It slows down the site and makes your user experience worse.

I’m seeing more success monetizing by using affiliate marketing, so I will continue including those links in some articles. I hope this isn’t too intrusive.

What you could do to help me out though is sign up for my mailing list, here. I’m still dialing in the exact format, but I generally send a roundup of the week’s articles, and maybe a few links to other things that interest me. Anyways, everyone says the real way to start leveraging your audience and build a following is to start an email list, so that’s what I’m doing. As always, your support means the world to me 🙂

And of course, if you really appreciate the work I do, you can click the “Donate” button in the sidebar and throw me a tip 🙂 But I don’t expect you to.

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Table of Contents for Nepal Story

Hey y’all. Sorry for no update on Friday. I’ve been traveling and fell behind.

Back on schedule on Monday, I promise. In the meantime, I created a table of contents page for the Nepal blogs, so you can more easily pick back up where you left off. You can find it here: Hope you find it helpful!

It’ll find its way into the navbar up top today or tomorrow. I’m planning on doing a little bit of housecleaning around here, so you might see a few new pages and banners.

Just thought I’d drop a note!

Happy Saturday!!

How to get blood out of waterproof clothing

Tried to dig a hole on the ski mountain with my face yesterday.

I don’t really remember doing that, but the purple blooming across the left side of my face says that I did. Luckily I was wearing a helmet (as you should always).

Anyways, fun tip:

If you happen to get blood on a waterproof piece of clothing, such as a soft-shell snowboard jacket or snowpants, you do not need to wash the item. You can easily lift blood, even dried blood, out of these items by just dabbing the blood stain with cold water on a washcloth.

Dead simple, and saves the waterproof coating on your gear. That discovery was a nice consolation prize after I thought I had ruined one of my favorite jackets.

If that doesn’t work, I swear by this product.

We will return to your regular programming once the fog in my head clears.