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Hey Friends,

As our Nepal story winds down, I need to position this website to move into its next phase. ThereĀ will be a next phase, don’t you worry.

Part of that work is consolidating my audience, making it easier to reach you and market to you when I need to do so. (Gross, I know).

As such, I have two new social initiatives:

  1. I have restarted my weekly email newsletter. It’s short, sweet and to the point. Check out the last newsletter here to get a sense of what they’re like, and please subscribe here. You’d be doing me a big favor.
  2. I have launched a Facebook page for This Is Youth, mostly so I can do some paid advertising if I feel like it. If you’d like to see my content in your FB feed, I’d love if you went and gave it a “Like” or a “Me Gusta,” if you’re one of my Spanish readers šŸ™‚ Check it out here:Ā

You can also follow me on Instagram at @thisisyouth ā€” those are the photos you see in the “Pieces of Life” Column on the right.

Anyways, just housekeeping today! If all has gone well, I’m at Denver International, about to catch a plane.

Next stop, Panama!

How to get blood out of waterproof clothing

Tried to dig a hole on the ski mountain with my face yesterday.

IĀ don’t really remember doing that, but the purpleĀ blooming across the left side of my face says that I did. Luckily I was wearing a helmet (as you should always).

Anyways, fun tip:

If you happen to get blood on a waterproof piece of clothing, such as a soft-shell snowboard jacket or snowpants,Ā you do not need to wash the item. You can easily lift blood, even dried blood, out of these items by just dabbing the blood stain with cold water on a washcloth.

Dead simple, and saves the waterproof coating on your gear. That discovery was a nice consolation prize after I thought I had ruined one of my favorite jackets.

If that doesn’t work, I swear by this product.

We will return to your regular programming once the fog in my head clears.