Chasm Classic

Not too keen to put too much information about this one on the internet, so no write-up. But enjoy a few photos and videos of one of this winter’s best shenanigans: a hockey game on a frozen lake at 3,600 meters/12,000 feet.

Keep feeding that sense of fun!

On the 3-hour approach hike. Can you guess which way the wind blows up there?

P.S. I climbed Longs Peak with this lady a summer before and she SMOKED me the whole way, up and down the mountain. Youth is a state of mind.

Lollygaggers on the lakeshore.

Watch the wind blow some of the sticks around while he attempts to pick teams.

Gal I last ran into three summers ago. Randomly here. Small community. Real character. Not a huge fan of photos. Or maybe she could tell I was out of focus. Check out how carved up the ice is in the background. We’d been playing for a bit by this point.

Clearing out – skating hard at this elevation is tiring. And being in the shadow of the mountain is cold. Most people did not last too long.

Excellent day. One of the best all winter. The jersey was a Christmas present from my mother. The stick, about 15 years old. A touch short for me today, but still works. Still fun.

Photos: 35mm film // videos: GoPro Hero 8 Black
You might find one or two more photos from this event, here:


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