Just some good songs

No wild stories today. Something a bit lighter — enjoy these excellent jams encountered over the past year or so surfing the internet. some skits some songs.

Jeff Bezos — Bo Burnam

I’m sure you all heard Bezos has a rocket company.

Bilal Göregen — Ievan Polka

This is a Finnish folk song, apparently. The drummer is a Turkish Street performer. The cat is a meme. Together, it’s a jam. There is a 1 hr version on YouTube. Highly recommended.


German marching band that covers techno songs. Great videos; amazing energy live.

Wellerman — Nathan Evans

TikTok thing, I think? Another traditional song… also a jam. Lots of remixes etc on youtube.

Bad Stuff Happens In The Bathroom — The National & Låpsey

I discovered this video at work… no shortage of gold to be found on Medium!! Thanks Esther Cooke for turning me on to this one. This is a spin-off video based off on Season 6 Episode 19 of the Bob’s Burgers TV show. This musical number appeared in the episode, but performed by show regulars instead of the professional arrangement seen here. I think this version is a real banger. Låpsey’s solo work is also very good.

Dope Lemon — Salt and Pepper

Fue Una Lagrima — Elia & Elizabeth

A Spanish folk duo from the 70s. I dig the influences. Sadly this duo did not produce much music before pursuing other life paths.

Hope you found something new to enjoy. Please drop what you are enjoying in the comments! I always love new and stimulating music

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