The climb will not be televised!

I bought a GoPro last summer for a specific project. It has been rarely used since. Nothing against the GoPro – it’s a tremendous camera – but using it changes the context of things.

Climbing is one of a vanishing number of modern situations where you can feel free of cameras and expectations. Your buddy might bust out the phone for a quick photo at the belay, but in general the nature of the activity prevents obsessive documentation. All the really great climbing photos are taken by a third party, usually planned well in advance.

We brought the GoPro out on a recent outing in RMNP thinking we might capture some really badass mountaineering footage.

We uh…. did not succeed. Didn’t even turn the camera on until after the crux.

When your climbing partner discovered Gil-Scott Heron the night before…
The last photographic sighting of my purple 0.5 ultralight camalot before I chucked it off of a tower in RMNP… safe travels you wonderful piece of equipment, I miss u.

Is there a point to all this? Not really, I guess.

Spray less & don’t forget to have fun?

These moments are much better than the ice picks going in.

Hope your own camera roll contains some similar things.

And as always — make sure to thank your climbing partners!

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