Self-Portrait Atop a Mountain in a Lightning Storm

This photo was taken above 4,000 meters on Long’s Peak, after a climb of the Notch Couloir, June 2020. My partner and I had dawdled on the way up, and we got caught up high in a light afternoon thunderstorm. Deciding our best option was to wait the storm out, my partner and I stashed our ice axes, crampons and other metal gear fifty yards uphill, and took refuge in some small talus “caves.”

In reality, my boulder was barely large enough to provide shelter. My legs, pulled up into my chest, were still getting wet. My partner, a few yards away in a better cave, described themselves as on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

I shot this photo on my 35mm film camera. The storm soon passed. We summited an hour later.

3 thoughts on “Self-Portrait Atop a Mountain in a Lightning Storm

    • I am sorry to hear about your friend.

      It is certainly a situation to avoid. Sometimes while doing big routes such as these, you will end up in less-than-ideal situations. That is part of the thrill, I suppose…

  1. I never got around to doing Long’s Peak when I lived in Colorado, but hubby did. Those “storms” are why he always had us start before the crack of dawn on any peak, so we’d be up and back before they started. They seem to be pretty consistent as I recall.

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