2017 in Photos

Seventeen of my favorite pictures from 2017 — a year that took me to four continents, six states, and eight countries.

For my 16 favorite photos from last year, check out 2016 in Photos.

Prefer words? 2017 in Places


Skiing, Winter Park, Colorado, USA (January 2017)


Early-morning ferry, Amsterdam, Holland (January 2017)


Wide windows make for moody men, Reykjavik, Iceland (January 2017)


We are lucky to experience pure joy a few times our our lives. Unless you’re a rock climber — then you get an unlimited supply. Boulder Canyon, Boulder, USA (February 2017)


Walking across a frozen lake on approach to some ice climbing. Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA.


My friend Dylan, on our way to Colombia. Love the enthusiasm! South Beach, Miami, USA (April 2017)


Mi amigo Hansel, and his juice stand. I bought a juice from Hansel every day (sometimes twice a day), for the three weeks I spent on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. What a guy. Y que rico eran sus jugos! Dios! Súper sabrosa. Taganga, Colombia (May 2015)


Torre Del Reloj, Cartagena, Colombia. (June 2017)


Meg at Crater Lake, base of the Maroon Bells, eyeing conditions in the Bell Cord Couloir. Aspen, Colorado, USA. (June 2017)


Liz Haas (@Coffee.Tape.Climb) climbing harder stuff than I ever can consider, with all the traveling I do. Fun to watch her crush though. Rip Cord (5.12a), Boulder Canyon, Boulder, CO. USA. (June 2017)


The Diamond, Long’s Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA. 1,000 feet of pure vertical rock climbing. Tops out around 14,000 feet in altitude — (4,200 meters). I’m coming for this guy in 2018!! (August 2017)


Shawn and Dóra, Loveland Pass, Colorado, USA. (August 2017)


Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA (September 2017)


Topping out on the Bastille Crack, one of the 50 Classic Climbs. Eldorado Canyon State Park, Colorado, USA (September 2017)


Mate queen. Chefchaouen, Morocco. (November 2017)


Quotidian Choauen. (November 2017)


Incredibly photogenic fisherman, Essaouira, Morocco. (December 2017)

Looks like I’ve got a thing for blue skies and mountains, huh? (Guess that’s a growing up in Colorado thing)

And my all time favorite photo of 2017:


Curious about why exactly I love this photo so much? Read the story behind it here.


Did you have any particularly memorable moments or photos in 2017? Share ’em in the comments!




6 thoughts on “2017 in Photos

  1. What route are you going to take up the Diamond? Looks super beast. Im working at Copper this season and hoping to get out to the RMNP!

    Nice photos!

      • Pretty slow going. Real bad in Utah too. I can feel a strong Spring deep in my bones though.

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