An Update on my Friend Meg

Six weeks back I wrote “The Day We Climbed Long’s Peak,” talking about my good friend and climbing partner Meg, who had just been in a serious climbing accident at the time.

If any of you were curious about the follow up: she’s ok. Feisty as always, being a pain in my ass even from half a world away šŸ˜‰ Of course, I’m beyond thrilled to be bothered. Actually, it’s usually me initiating the bothering.

Meg recently wrote a blog post about her accident, aptly titled: “That Time A Rock Hit Me and I Died.” (Guess her heart stopped a time or three).

Check the piece out on her blog, Meg of the Mountain, if you were touched by the original essay or wanted a bit more follow up. She’s writing amazingly cogently for a person who suffered severe brain trauma so recently.

More from me soon, I promise.

The photo is, of course, her blood-spattered helmet from the day of the accident. Wear a helmet, kids.


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