The Cute Caribbean Houses of Bocas Del Toro

I’ve been in Bocas Del Toro for a few weeks now, and I’m absolutely in love with the houses. This is my first time spending visiting a caribbean island — and I have to say: there’s definitely a unique flavor here! I think it comes across well in photos — and you may be surprised by what you see. Click on thru to check out some of my favorite photos from this laid-back Panamanian archipelago:

This Abandoned Beach Restaurant


Run Down House on Stilts

Many of the buildings in Bocas are built on stilts, due to the damp ground and the possibility of storms and flooding. Bocas Del Toro is out of the hurricane path (which makes it a popular port for year-round boaters), but is still susceptible to strong rains and other storms.


Cute House With White Picket Fence

This classic symbol of Americana juxtaposes well with the blue wall and the tropical greenery in the background.


Fenced-off House on Huge Stilts

Seems a little too elevated to me, but I’m no architect.


Bocas Municipal Cemetery

Alright it’s not a house, but I found the architecture and look of this place incredibly fascinating. A very visually striking place, somehow. This place radiates a certain power.


Abandoned Red Cross Office

A very run-down old Red Cross station (Cruz Roja). Did not appear to be occupied or operational.


A Taste of the Good Life

Here is another side of Bocas — the wealthier, more privileged side. Here’s a waterfront property, owned by (I am told) the superintendent of the local schools. Much of this type of property is owned by expats and foreigners, as Bocas is a popular destination for retirees and vacation homes.



4 thoughts on “The Cute Caribbean Houses of Bocas Del Toro

  1. Such a cool post! The houses are captivating, right? When you get a chance, you should take a water taxi to Bastimentos. It’s only 3 bucks and the town is amazing. It’s a lot less touristy than Bocas town but it has some of the best restaurants of all the islands. We stayed there for a month and it was our favorite of all the islands!

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