For That Moment in Bhutan and Nepal

for that moment in Bhutan and Nepal. from Marko Roth on Vimeo.


This video came up on my Facebook Memories today. I shared it one year ago:

“Want to hit both these countries real bad…”

A little more than two weeks later, I caught a plane from Hong Kong to Delhi, and then on to Kathmandu.

Bhutan’s penciled in for 2018.

Take from that story whatever lesson you want.

In the spirit of “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” I present you with this video in lieu ofย a Nepal chapter. It does a pretty good job at capturing some of the magic I found in Nepal. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “For That Moment in Bhutan and Nepal

  1. Amazing video!!Nepal and Bhutan are in every mountain lovers bucket list I believe.Won’t miss them next time am in this part of the world.

  2. It is useful to understand that $250 covers your accommodation, chauffeured cars, professional guides, all meals….basically, you can “forget” your wallet somewhere. Coming to Bhutan? Bonxury Bhutan ( will make the best trip you are yet to have….in Bhutan.

      • Huh what?!? I had no idea… Really ๐Ÿค” why? So if I’m not Indian I can’t travel there? Xx

      • It costs $250 a day to visit Bhutan as a tourist, and you have to be on a govt approved tour. It’s their way of limiting tourism and protecting their culture. There are a few exceptions to this policy; most notably if you can secure a letter of invitation from a Bhutanese citizen.

      • I had absolutely no idea, I havnt done research into this as I knew my travelling years are a little while away! But visiting Tigers Nest in Bhutan was on my wish list! I doubt it can happen now :/ I can understand why they would want to protect their culture though….. ๐Ÿ˜ž

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