A Winter Weekend in Reykjavik, Iceland

A good friend and I dropped by Reykjavik last weekend for a brief getaway.

Coming off a sick week in Amsterdam, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that the winter weather in Iceland was actually warmer than in the Netherlands. Talk about misleading names, huh?

I’ve got a few stories to tell from the trip, but let’s start with a few photos of this intriguing Icelandic capital during the short days of winter.

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, and the largest city in the country by far. The city has a population of about 140,000, which accounts for nearly half of Iceland’s total population. It has a bit of an American feel to it, with sprawling suburbs and lots of cars driving from point A to point B.

Reykjavik is also a bit gloomy in the winter—you’ll notice a gray/blue pallor hangs over most of these photos. The winter vibe in Iceland is nice and moody, but not exactly cheery. We met a lot of artists and writers here, and I can definitely see the appeal for those sorts of people. Unfortunately I didn’t get any writing done while I was there—but I did get a few stories which I’ll hopefully write about over the next few weeks.

Until then, enjoy the photos of Reykjavik in the winter!


Everything in Iceland’s expensive—even the parking


Reykjavik feels a lot like a US city, with the emphasis on cars


There’s tons of awesome street art all around the city


One downside to visiting Iceland in winter: the sun sets really early. This was taken at probably 3:30 p.m.


There’s lots of moody staring out at the horizon


It’s basically the number one thing to do in Iceland


Enter a caption



The cathedral in the center of town

20 thoughts on “A Winter Weekend in Reykjavik, Iceland

  1. Your photos really capture that gloomy sky. Iceland in the summer is the opposite, with the midnight sun obviously, but still sometimes has that moody feel. Did you glimpse Northern Lights?

  2. I love the pictures, we went to Iceland last winter and the atmosphere was amazing, although this was around new year so that might have been why! It was really snowy when we went as well which helped it to feel less gloomy 🙂

  3. Thanks for taking us along to Iceland.
    It’s refreshing that you point out the fact that it’s expensive.
    So many travelogues just stick to the brochure points.
    Love the part about “…lots of moody staring out at the horizon…the number one thing to do in Iceland”.
    Looks like a great adventure!

    Seek peace,


  4. Great photos! Very stormy-moody-dark. I like it. But i don’t yhink i’dlike it for more than a few days…

  5. Great Captures! I look forward to reading more about your Iceland experiences. As I am rooted from there, I plan to visit my relatives there soon ❤ And probably drop my own home base there as my heart is drawn there like crazy! Thanks for sharing your insights!

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