Nepal 107: The End of the Dream

“Are you okay?”

These are not words one wants to hear in the middle of a job interview.

And yet, that was exactly what the Austrian woman asked me, halfway through my interview. “Are you okay?”

The answer was obviously no, anyone but I could have seen that.

But I said yes. Everything was fine. I was good.

I would not get the job in Austria.

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Nepal 92: Insignificance

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We woke up the next morning to blue skies and crisp morning air — by now an expectation, not a surprise.

I brushed my teeth in the brisk dawn, standing outside and taking in the vista while doing so. The mountains in front of us, here, were wonderfully staggered, creating an illusion of movement. Probably the movement of the glacier caused that, I though, before realizing that I really had no idea how glaciers worked. The shape of the mountains could have been the result of anything.

It was true, I didn’t really know much.

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