WordAds Enabled on Site

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Hey y’all.

No entry in “In Praise of Character in the Bleak Inhuman Loneliness” this Friday. As promised, I’m letting the story breathe for a minute before we visit Pokhara. Pokhara is a peaceful place and deserves insulation from the chaos of Kathmandu. Even in cyberspace.

I’d like to take the space to address a change on the site. I have enabled WordAds advertising, which means some of you may be seeing increased advertising on the site. Since my site has reached a moderate level of traffic, running these ads means I may stand a chance to make a little money from this venture. Repay some of the coffees, dirty chais, and flat whites I bought while writing it, anyways.

(I’m lying, no one in America knows how to make a decent flat white. Miss u Ristr8o!)

These ads should look something like the ones above — possibly targeted based on your location or interests, you know how online advertising is.

If you want to disable these ads, that’s totally fine feel free to use adblocking software, if you aren’t already. I won’t hold it against you. That said, if you’d like to DISABLE your adblocker on my website, you’d be doing a small act to show your appreciation of me. That said, the choice is yours, Really.

Please let me know if you are having an overly obnoxious experience with the ads — I can turn them off if I decide they’re too intrusive.

I don’t yet know how much money I can earn per month from this, but research tells me not much more than a couple bucks a month, right now. I may do an earnings breakdown after a few months, just to share the information for aspiring bloggers and other WordPress users.

I have also begun placing Amazon Affiliate Links into my book reviews to attempt to generate income. If you click these links and do any shopping on Amazon (like buy the book), I earn a small percentage commission. My opinion is, of course, unaffected.

Hope to drop a few posts on you this weekend to space out the Nepal stuff; we’ll resume our story on Monday in at the Pokhara bus terminal.