Nepal 10: The Annapurna Guesthouse

Annapurna Guesthouse Nepal

I awoke to the sound of jackhammering outside, and a narrow beam of dusty sunlight waving me good morning.

My shoulder and hip hurt from where they had pushed through the thin mattress.

My first morning waking up alone in a foreign country. Ever.

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Nepal 9: Kathmandu at Night

Kathmandu Nepal picture at night

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I could have hugged that kid. He must have been no more than 15. It was midnight, we’d been delayed by a whole hour, I’d never confirmed my booking or put down any deposit on my room, but still: there he was, standing in the rain. Waiting for me.

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Nepal 7: DEL to KTM

In flight map Delhi Kathmandu India Nepal

As my layover in Delhi drew to an end, I worked my way back to the gate. It had filled up significantly since I had last been here: full of hippies and fortune-seekers looking to find inner peace in the high mountain sanctuaries of Nepal. Backpackers, families, mountain climbers— these were my people. Still, the nervousness was starting to set in.

I didn’t have confirmed lodging in Kathmandu, and the flight was scheduled to get in around 11 p.m.

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