ChatGPT won’t kill ‘writing’, but it WILL kill ‘content’

I have a deep, simmering hatred for the word “content”.

In 2023, I’m guessing we’ve all all heard this word. But I’ll offer a brief, imperfect, human-generated definition: “Content” is what makes up the internet.

Medium articles, instagram memes, SEO pages about the best app developer services in India, TikToks, your aunt’s political Facebook posts — these are all ‘content’.

Some of that stuff can be pretty good — so why do I hate this word? Because ‘content’ is a generic, artless term. 

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The Best Ski Weather Website in the World

Open Snow Prediction

Website Wednesday:

Trying to decipher how the weather forecast will affect your favorite ski mountain can be an exercise in frustration. Whether it’s the local news reducing an extremely varied geographic area down to the single phrase “Snow in the high country,” or an official snow report which doesn’t seem to match up to the conditions on the mountain, it seems almost impossible to get accurate weather data for ski mountains. This seems counter-intuitive, as weather is perhaps the single most important factor in determining when you want to go skiing, and where you should go. is the best ski weather website I have ever come across.

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