Fake News in Former Yugoslavia

My traveling partner Ollie and I arrived in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on a bus from Sarajevo, where we’d spent a few days learning the history of the Siege of Sarajevo—the longest city siege in the history of modern warfare. Our friends in Sarajevo told us NATO forces broke the Serbian siege, saved the city, and the lives of every Bosnian living there. Before that, we’d been in Belgrade, Serbia, where a huge banner flying in front of parliament memorialized fallen Serbian soldiers as “Victims of NATO Aggression.”

Same story, two sides.

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Nepal 41: American Politics

Chess in the cafe

I was sitting in a dingy local cafe in Pokhara, Nepal. My companions, an old Malaysian man and a young Spaniard, were passionately arguing about the American presidential primaries. An American journalist myself, by March 2016, I’d heard far too much about this election already. I sat quietly, smoking hash and watching the conversation with a detached interest. One can learn a lot about their own home by seeing how foreigners perceive it.

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