7 Indispensable Travel Apps

Used to be hitting the road to travel meant leaving behind everything you knew: disconnecting from all vestiges of home, and venturing into the unknown with little more information than a creased guidebook. These days, that’s not the reality. While you’re on the road, your smartphone is your most beloved companion.

(This is why I think people complaining about refugees with nice phones is silly).

Here are five apps I personally use all the time when I’m traveling. All these apps are available on both iPhone and Android.

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The Top 3 Countries You Should Visit in 2017


So I’ve been home for a short stint between trips. This means catching up with friends and acquaintances, many of whom are curious about the travel I’ve been doing. The two most common questions are fairly predictable: 1. How do you manage the language barrier? And 2. What was your favorite place?

We’ll come back to the language barrier at a later date. Today, I just want to share my favorite countries I have visited so far.

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