Ten Handy Travel Items Under $10

Looking for a little something to help you on your next adventure? Need a considerate but cheap gift for someone who likes travel ? Just want to take a small step towards fulfilling those travel dreams of yours, one day soon?

Check out this list of ten super useful items for international travel! After two years on the road, these are the items I find myself missing when I forget to pack them; they’re so useful that I usually end up buying them again on the road. These would all make great budget-friendly gifts for a traveler.

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The Top 3 Countries You Should Visit in 2017


So I’ve been home for a short stint between trips. This means catching up with friends and acquaintances, many of whom are curious about the travel I’ve been doing. The two most common questions are fairly predictable: 1. How do you manage the language barrier? And 2. What was your favorite place?

We’ll come back to the language barrier at a later date. Today, I just want to share my favorite countries I have visited so far.

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