Nepal 107: The End of the Dream

“Are you okay?”

These are not words one wants to hear in the middle of a job interview.

And yet, that was exactly what the Austrian woman asked me, halfway through my interview. “Are you okay?”

The answer was obviously no, anyone but I could have seen that.

But I said yes. Everything was fine. I was good.

I would not get the job in Austria.

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Nepal 51: Why Do You Want to Move to Austria?

Linz Austria

When I finally reached the coffee shop where I had played chess with the Malaysian, I ran up the stairs with a spring in my step.

I had my interview. I had time to arrange a trek. I would trek, I would leave Nepal, return home, and show up on Holly’s doorstep with a dream in hand, ready for our next great adventure.

That was one option, anyways.

Regardless, as the Malaysian I was coming to see had said; it was time to rearrange my life.

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